9 more grilled foil packets you have to try before summer ends

Summer isn’t technically over until September 23 — that means you still have until then to enjoy summer grilling. We’ve listed below 9 foil packet recipes for the grill that are easy, tasty, and essentially leaves your grill mess-free. What more could you want?

Grilled BBQ Chicken Quesadilla Foil Packets


Most quesadillas are made on a skillet or griddle, but not this one! Some shredded chicken here, a little zesty tomatoes there, and mixed with a delicious brown sugar barbecue sauce makes this quesadilla foil packet a grilling classic.

Grilled Blue Cheese Steak and Potato Foil Packets


With steak and potatoes on the list of ingredients, how could you not like this recipe? This little packet of goodness also combines fire roasted tomatoes, bell peppers and is topped with blue cheese.

Grilled Chili Cheese Fries Foil Packets


Chock-full of fries, diced tomatoes, and cheese, this foil packet makes for a perfect side with the benefit of no messy dishes!

Grilled Italian Eggplant and Zucchini Foil Packets


Packed with eggplant, zucchini, fresh basil, and goat cheese — this is one recipe the vegetarian in you will rate two thumbs up!

Grilled Teriyaki Shrimp with Ramen Foil Packets


Did someone say shrimp? You betcha! Shrimp, ramen noodles, red bell pepper, pineapple chunks and teriyaki sauce take over your grill to give you one tasty meal.

Grilled Chicken Foil Packets with Summer Squash


Chicken + fresh summer produce = a flavorful good time.

Santa Fe Chicken Packets


With a medley of colorful ingredients, this packet recipe makes for an easy summertime meal.

Grilled Pork Chops and Sweet Potato Packets


Get your veggies, proteins and carbs all in the convenience of one little packet.

Grilled Peach and Blueberry Foil Packets


We couldn’t round out this list without at least one sweet recipe. Fill your sweet tooth needs with a simple dessert featuring peaches and blueberries, and then serve over vanilla Greek yogurt.

Using aluminum foil grilling trays and packets can help you stay clean and cook to perfection. Follow these four easy steps from Alexia Foods for DIY aluminum foil grilling trays and make the most of the remainder of your grilling season.

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